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You're The Ones...In My Dreams


Price: $9.99 USD

Availability: In Stock

Format: CD

Pieces of Set: 1



Perennial are undoubtedly one of the best Seattle bands most have never heard!! We're pretty sure this will top want lists around the globe! Perennial played an impressive, solid, dynamic and pretty unique blend of 80's melodic metal and melodic hard rock with splashes of hair metal and AOR. We have compiled ALL of their recordings onto 1 disc, on CD format for the first time ever -- the songs come from their "You're The Ones" EP from 1983, the previously unreleased Moore Theater Sessions (1984) and the "In My Dreams" LP (1985). Perennial were clearly influenced by early Van Halen, fronted by strong gritty lead vocalist Chris Malone (complete with David Lee Roth screams), the band also features explosive drummer Mark Welling (of BLOODGOOD) and the virtuoso inventive guitar chops & riffs of Schuyler Duryee (now a top session guitarist in Nashville).
Digitally remastered and silver pressed. Own this great piece of Seattle 80's music history today!!

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In My Dreams
Devil’s Preacher
Wish I knew
Now You Know
Forces All Around
I’m Down
No Name
Lonely Lovers
Rock And Roll Evenings
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Track Listing:

1. In My Dreams
2. Pass It On
3. Devil’s Preacher
4. Wish I Knew
5. It’s Only Make Believe
6. Now You Know
7. You’re The Ones
8. Forces All Around
9. I’m Down
10. Gonna Be Alright
11. No Name
12. Middle Of The Night
13. Caught In The Ruts
14. Lonely Lovers
15. Insight
16. Rock And Roll Evenings




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