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Megaton Blonde
Megaton Blonde


Price: $9.99 USD

Availability: In Stock

Format: CD

Pieces of Set: 1



One of our most anticipated releases of 2011 is here!  During the late 80's / early 90's there were 3 excellent bands that ruled the Milwaukee Hard Rock / Metal scene... PROBLEM CHILD , MOXY ROXX and MEGATON BLONDE.  Led by the powerful vocals of MORGAN THORN , who would later join Vicious Rumors , Morgan sounds like a mix of Bruce Dickinson , Geoff Tate and Mike Lee (Barren Cross). Combined with a wicked dual axe attack , pounding rhythm section including drummer Mike Stix (ex-Realm) and songs that pack a megaton punch , every fan and collector of Melodic 80s Metal should find this release a top-notch treasure.  Some of these songs were produced by legendary Metal producer Eric "Griffy" Greif.  Personally I believe Megaton Blonde is one of the best indie Metal releases Retrospect has ever unearthed (the first song alone 'Digital Doll' is one of the best songs I've ever heard) and will definitely appeal to fans of: MALICE 'License To Kill' , QUEENSRYCHE 'The Warning' , SHOK PARIS 'Steel and Starlight' , ICON self-titled , LEATHERWOLF self-titled , FIFTH ANGEL , BARREN CROSS 'Atomic Arena' , VYPER 'Prepared To Strike' , OBSESSION 'Scarred For Life' etc...
Very classy stuff here and , of course , released for the first time ever on cd format!


Listen to samples
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Digital Doll
Power Of Mind
Set Your Sails
If You Wanna Survive
No More Lies
  These files require QuickTime


Track Listing:

1. Digital Doll
2. Power Of Mind
3. Pretty Angel
4. Jealousy
5. Set Your Sails
6. If You Wanna Survive
7. No More Lies
8. Sin's Disguise
9. Dance Machine
10. Thing For You
11. Time Never Waits
12. The Girl's In Love
13. Megaton Blonde




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