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Mata Hari
Mata Hari


Price: $12.99 USD

Availability: In Stock

Format: CD

Pieces of Set: 2



IT'S FINALLY HERE!! The entire Mata Hari 25-song catalog on a 2-Disc set featuring all their studio recordings from 1989~1993 on Disc 1 and a raw live show from 1993 on Disc 2 -- all digitally remastered. Mata Hari are a fantastic melodic metal band from the midwest with one foot in prog metal and the other in classic power metal!! Although Mata Hari have gone through a few lineup changes over the years, the core of the band has been a trio, featuring the distinctive powerful pipes of singer Darren Rhyne, the technical powerhouse drumming of Chris Karp, and the undeniable virtuoso guitar chops of Greg Millikan (one of the Midwest's best little known guitar heroes!!). Comparisons to Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning come to mind but Mata Hari were doing their own thing....and doing it well. Check out their sounds and own this piece of music history for yourself!!


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Hard Look In The Mirror
Worlds Apart
Neverending Search
Face to Remember
One Extreme to Another
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Track Listing:


1. Hard Look In The Mirror
2. Rumors
3. Worlds Apart
4. Said In Vain
5. Neverending Search
6. Power To Make A Difference
7. Lost In Sight ['93 version]
8. The Promise
9. You Only Live Once
10. Fatal Attraction
11. Messed Up World
12. Touch The Sky (Rest Of Our Lives)
13. Social Disgrace
14. Lost In Sight ['91 version]


1. Hard Look in the Mirror
2. The Promise
3. Race of the Mind
4. Rumors
5. Said in Vain
6. Timeless Reminder
7. You Only Live Once
8. When Morning Comes
9. Worlds Apart
10. Face to Remember
11. One Extreme to Another




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