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Retrospect Records is very proud to announce the long overdue entrance into the digital realm!! We hope by offering our releases in digital download format that it will be more convenient for you to purchase artist's songs or entire albums easily, shipment-free and hassle-free so you can enjoy their music that much quicker!! We are currently offering ALL of our new releases digitally, although we are also working on getting our ENTIRE back catalog available digitally in the future, so bear with us!

You will also notice some 'polls' on each NEW product page. These are to help us decide if music fans would like to see our new releases on a physical CD, and also give us an idea how many we should press. So please vote and let us know!!

A few very important details about our new digital download system:

*All of our product pages will look the same as before, but now all songs for each title will have 30 second samples which you can purchase individually, or you will have the option of purchasing the ENTIRE ALBUM, mostly at a cheaper rate. When purchasing an entire album, you will often get extra bonus tracks (live, demo, short instrumentals) that are not available for individual purchase, and some will NOT even be available on the CD release!!

*Samples are lower bitrate and are NOT the quality of the downloaded mp3s. Downloads are CD quality.

* At this time there are separate 'shopping carts' for physical CD purchases and digital download purchases. We hope to incorporate a single shopping cart system in the near future.

*Buyers will get an email after their digital download order is placed with links to download the songs purchased. There is a time limit of 2 days and an attempt limit of 5 attempts before the links expire, but if there any problems, it is very easy for us to resend the links to you.
Just email us if you have any issues and we will take care of you!!

*If buyers want to continue shopping for digital downloads on the same artist's product page, you must hit the BACK BUTTON on your browser otherwise if you click on the "Continue Shopping" button on the shopping cart page it will take you to the Retrospect Records home page....or its just easier to buy the artists entire album!! :)

On behalf of Retrospect Records and all of our artists, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your continued support!! We strive to meet the highest expectations in our product, our service and our quality standards. We are dedicated to preserving the greatest era in rock music history!! We always enjoy hearing your feedback. We hope to meet you at a festival or a Retrospect artists' show soon!!




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